Game Rules

GAME RULES ('Rules')

1. General

These Rules apply in addition to the Websites Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy available at By placing an entry in any of the G.O.D ( competitions (each a separate 'Prize Competition') a participant will be deemed to have accepted these Rules.

The Competitions are open to all persons aged seventeen and over except:

1. G.O.D’s ( employees or members of their immediate family, agents or any other person who is connected with the creation or administration of our Prize Competitions.

2. Residents of the states of Assam, Odisha and Telangana.

2. Making Entries (Placing Dots)

1.The Prize Competitions are available to all registered participants of ("Website").

2.A participant of any of the active Prize Competitions must, using their skill and judgment, select the position he / she believes would be where the center of the ball will be placed by the Official Panel Judge on the Picture within the said Prize Competition by clicking on the screen to mark this Dot (you can see your Dot's coordinates on the screen). Each such Picture being a photograph of a sport where the ball has been removed and which represents a separate individual Prize Competition. A participant may place as many entries as he or she wishes up-to a maximum of a hundred and fifty (150) positions per Prize Competition and provided that the participant has purchased the necessary Dots (Game Credits).

3. Each entry (Dot) that the participant confirms in relation to the relevant picture and the confirmation shall be sent via email / SMS to the participant depending on their registered mode of communication. These details will be displayed in the “YOUR ACCOUNT” section of the Website when participants have placed their entry.

3. Results

Within 24 hours of the closure of a Prize Competition the selected panel Judge bearing in mind all the circumstances, will determine and reveal the correct position of the ball. The correct position of the ball as determined by the Panel Judge is the result of that particular Prize Competition and the relevant reference Dot (X.Y Coordinate) is used to determine the winner. The participant who has placed their Dot in the same position as or as closest to the Panel Judges’ Dot is the winner of that Prize Competition.

There will always be a Winner in each competition in:

1) Multi Winner Competitions - if two or more participants have the same Dot then the prize will be distributed evenly across all winners.

2) Single Winner Competitions - if two or more participants have the same Dot then the prize will be awarded to the Participant that first placed the winning Dot.


1. Details of the prize for each Prize Competition will be specified alongside the relevant Prize Competition picture on the Website.

2.The prize available in respect of each Prize Competition will be stated on the Game Play page.

3.The Prize is awarded in respect of the dot (if any) that exactly matches or is closest to the Dot of the Panel Judge in the image that makes up the game.

4. There will always be a Winner in each competition in: Multi Winner Competitions - if two or more participants have the same Dot then the prize will be distributed evenly across all winners. Single Winner Competitions - if two or more participants have the same Dot then the prize will be awarded to the Participant that first placed the winning Dot.

5.Full details of the prize offered for each Prize Competition are published on the website. By entering any Prize Competition, a participant agrees that their assigned identification, names and other details may be used within a list of winners and/or otherwise for publicity purposes.

6.TDS will be deducted or charged to the winning Participant in situations where a product is involved.

7. G.O.D ( will only cover costs up-to ex-showroom value for automotive products in a Prize Competition and Winning Participants are liable to clear any and all other taxes and levies.

5. Disqualification

An entry shall be disqualified (and G.O.D ( will not award a prize in respect of any such disqualified entry) if any of the following apply -

1. The entry is made by or for any employee of G.O.D ( or members of its group, their agents / judges involved in the operation of this Internet site and their immediate family members.

2. The entry is made by anyone other than a person who is the registered player on the Website.

3. The participant is in breach of any of these Rules and/or the Website Terms and Conditions.


1. Despite every effort to ensure complete accuracy, G.O.D ( is not responsible for any typing, human or obvious error which leads to any errors or omissions, including (without limitation) announcing any results other than those intended, or entries being accepted which contravene the Rules of this Prize Competition. If any entry is taken in relation to such an error, it shall (if possible, as determined by G.O.D ( be accepted on the basis of the corrected information.

2. G.O.D ( may request that any Prize awarded on a disqualified entry be repaid to G.O.D ( and the registered participant shall promptly make such repayment in the manner specified by G.O.D (

3. G.O.D ( reserves the absolute right to withdraw this Prize Competition at any time (including where it believes it is unable to result a particular Prize Competition in a fair manner) and, in such circumstances, will refund all payments made in the impacted Prize Competition.

4. G.O.D ( decisions’ is final and binding and no correspondence will be entertained regarding the outcome of a Prize Competition. G.O.D ( reserves the right to check the validity and identity of any participant and to refuse entry or refuse awarding the prize if G.O.D ( reasonably considers the entry and/or winners to be in breach of these Rules or that any participant has acted contrary to the requirement of good faith.


1.Any alterations to or addition to these Rules will be notified on the Website. G.O.D ( reserves the right at any time in its sole discretion to modify or cancel any Prize Competition if its believes, in its sole discretion, that the Prize Competition is not capable or is likely not to be capable of being conducted fairly or as specified within these Rules due to events beyond its control (including, without limitation, a virus, a computer bug or unauthorized human intervention or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of G.O.D ( that could corrupt or affect the administration, security, impartiality or normal course of the Prize Competition), save that details of any such modification or cancellation that applies to a current Prize Competition shall be displayed on the Website.

2.A registered players continued participation in the Prize Competition following a notification on the Website shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the amended Rules of this Prize Competition.

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